Hi, I'm Ana 👋

Experience Strategist & Maker

I help businesses get in touch with their human side and turn ideas into thoughtful experiences and services.


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Driving growth through empathy

Businesses don't exist apart from people. Adapting a human-centric approach allows them to create trust, meet customer expectations, and innovate in the ever-changing environment.


My work focused on helping companies translate human needs into business goals, identify opportunities for growth, and make sense of complex systems.  ‍

As a result, I transform ideas into functioning projects. Sometimes it looks like magic, but it's totally real! 

Recent project

User Research for Baamboozle

How can an EdTech company introduce a freemium subscription model and communicate its value to the users?‍ Read the full case study.

The role of creativity in business

Creativity in business is a way of thinking that inspires, challenges and helps people to find innovative solutions and create opportunities out of problems.

7 Startups Helping The Environment

It's not an easy task for startups and businesses to combine purpose with the need to make a profit and yet, there are many successful examples that prove it is possible. 


The Power Of Positive Reframing

When you start looking for possibilities instead of focusing on a shortage, you train your brain to stay alert of the good things happening in your life.