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UX research for baamboozle

How can an EduTech company introduce freemium model and comunicate its value to the users? 

content strategy for luxoft

How does a new consulting team introduce a fresh service concept to the market in a business where decision-making is a complicated multi-level process?  

digital marketing for barcelona tours

How does a small touristic agency combine two different target audiences without losing its focus and band identity? 

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Marketing Strategy

With 7+ years in digital marketing, I help businesses and entrepreneurs define and create a notable presence in the online world with user needs in mind.


I use research, strategy, and ideation I identify how they can serve and create deep connections with their target audiences through content.

  • Content strategy 

  • Personal branding

  • Customer marketing

  • Branding & Storytelling

Service Design & Innovation 

As a strategist, I turn ideas into sustainable experiences. I strive to help purpose-driven companies to develop and execute innovative solutions.

Through a combination of Design Thinking and Strategic Management principles, together we identify possibilities and co-create comprehensive plans for implementation. 

  • Creative Problem Solving 

  • Evaluation & Decision Making 

  • Market & User Research

  • Design Sprint Facilitation

Being a part of the Pledge 1% community, I dedicate 1% of my work time to providing free consulting services to NGOs and charitable organizations. If your not-for-profit organization needs help with digital marketing, business strategy or project management, please reach out to me.

You can find out more about the Pledge 1% movement and its partners at

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