Research, Strategy & Design

I have worked with clients from many different industries, with various challenges and goals. In all projects, I use human-centered methods in research and co-creation activities. Project deliverables include design research, strategy plans, and service design. 

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User Research | Competitor Research

User Research for Baamboozle

How can an EdTech company introduce a freemium subscription model and communicate its value to the users?‍

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Service Design

Service Design Practicum

How might we improve the contactless delivery for courier service Dostavista?

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Marketing Strategy | Research

Content Strategy for Luxoft

How does a new consulting team introduce a service concept to the market in a business where decision-making is a complicated multi-level process? 

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Being a part of the Pledge 1% community, I dedicate 1% of my work time to providing free consulting services to NGOs and charitable organizations. If your not-for-profit organization needs help with digital marketing, experience strategy, or research, please reach out to me.

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Personal projects
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Journaling prompts for self-care.

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Book Cover Art

A collection of stunning book covers that could easily belong in a gallery.

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