Content Strategy for Luxoft


Client: Luxoft

Role: Content Strategist

Duration: 3 months

Services: Stakeholder

interviews, idea generation, market research, competitor analysis, value proposition, content generation plan


Luxoft is a digital strategy and software engineering company providing technology solutions across various industries. It has dedicated divisions and specialized teams focused on solving unique challenges, from software development to digital solutions. The company is known for its innovative approach to technological and digital markets and its advanced position in digital transformation. 


A new consulting team was created to facilitate the process optimization of complex and outdated systems. To be able to communicate their offers to prospects in a clear and comprehensive way, they needed to know how they stand out from the competition and how they can leverage their expertise in the market to become a go-to team for that kind of solution.

Introducing a completely new concept to the market meant that they have to face significant doubt and educate their potential customers about the principles and advantages of their solution. In a business where decisions are not simply made by one or two people and have to undergo many levels of evaluation, they needed to convert the decision-makers into service advocates to ensure future collaboration. 


We started by identifying the core competencies of the team, its USP, competitive advantage, and answering the underlying questions “Why?”. To answer that we had to find the balance between personal interest and benefits for the business that sales can appeal to. For larger businesses, it is not enough to choose the right person to speak to, but is crucial to understand all levels of decision making and how to address each of them.

To showcase the knowledge of team members, we’ve explored the options of developing content to support their success cases and illustrate their work as well as opportunities for contributions to top-level publications in tech, innovation, and others and active participation in the trade events. All team members received recommendations for Linkedin profile improvements and recommendations on how to use company content to demonstrate their competence and promote company solutions. 

After interviewing the team we’ve identified the gaps in information and their own vision for the purpose of the new consulting unit. This formed the basis for the new marketing strategy and content generation plan. The team also used this opportunity to talk through and clean out any inconsistencies in their pitching and personal understanding of the team's operations.


As most of the marketing is defined for the company as the whole, we’ve looked into activities that the new team could carry out without interfering with the global strategy and that would align with the company mission and vision.​

To improve the sales process, we worked on the value proposition and identifying unique selling points that could be supported by financial projections and forecast the positive dynamic created through the optimization process.

We’ve identified the opportunities to improve the professional image of the sales team and help its leaders promote themselves as industry experts, equipped with the improved messaging and new content to support the promotion of the new consulting offer on the market.


All collected information was structured and organized in the form of guides that team members could access anytime to refresh their pitches and use to onboard new team members. The team received a comprehensive marketing plan with recommendations that created a foundation for further business development.


After working through the features of the new consulting offer, the team leaders were not only able to explain the technical benefits of the offer, but appeal to clients’ pains, interests and create better business relationships.

Working with Anastasia helped us analyze our entire business development plan for the new consulting offering and determine how we could best take it to the market.


Anastasia provided us with informative educational material including competitor analysis, value proposition, pitch material, content generation plan. She also prepared an explanation manual and how-to guides of various marketing concepts for the team. That gave us the material we could use to drive the new marketing strategy around the company.


Nadezhda Chizhova, Engagement Project Manager at Luxoft Financial Services