Digital marketing strategy for barcelona tours

Barcelona Tours is a small touristic agency based in the self-titled city in Spain. For more than 10 years the team of Barcelona tours has been providing both corporate and private clients with superior service and helped to organize thousands of flawless events. From unique city tours to one of a kind team-building activities - they have offered to fit any taste and budget.


  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Social media management 

  • Facebook ads management 

  • Content creation

  • Customer support


Barcelona Tours has never lacked clients and over years have gained a reputation of an attentive and reliable service provider. Most of the traffic came from organic and paid search, as well as word of mouth.

Touristic businesses often experience a clear seasonal difference and Barcelona Tours was no exception. The team wanted to smooth the difference between low and high seasons and attract more corporate clients in winter since the mild climate of the Mediterranean city makes it a demanded destination even during the colder months.

To bring the company to the next level and increase the number of leads, the team decided to include social media in their promotion plan and create content for the website that would be relevant to the potential clients and improve website ranking in search engines. The topics of content and presentation were the main concern of this project because the company provides services to two distinct groups of clients (corporate and private groups). 


To ensure that the content doesn’t get mixed and send a mixed signal to both target audiences, we separated social media channels and tailored messages accordingly. Corporate clients were reached through Linkedin, private - through Instagram. We’ve left Facebook to be a neutral territory as well as the company blog. 

We focused on making the blog an informative portal about tourism in Barcelona and less a source of promotional information. Of course, we didn’t completely eliminate information about unique offers designed by the dedicated team of Barcelona Tours, but we carefully embedded it into the main topics and promoted them on the relevant social channels.

To increase the number of clients during the low season and equalize the difference between low and high seasons, we adjusted the promotion strategy to be developed around events happening in the city. In winter Barcelona hosts a dozen international congresses and welcomes business travelers from all over the world. We identified the key events to target for the paid promotion and tailored ads strategy around that information, which of course was supported with informative and timely blog posts on the company’s website.


We’ve started by identifying and narrowing down the three target audiences (one corporate and two private). After we’ve aligned goals and set KPI’s for each of them, I’ve researched the market and competitors and created a digital marketing plan for the Barcelona Tours team, covering content and social media strategy. Once all the information was clear we started creating content based on the relevance of the topics and optimized existing blogs for SEO. 

Every month I’ve provided a detailed social media plan for the team and managed the creation and distribution of content and Facebook ads plan and analytics. Upon agreeing on the next steps, I’ve implemented the strategy. This collaboration lasted 2 years and during the high season, I’ve helped Barcelona Tours team to manage client inquiries as well. 


As a result of our efforts, Barcelona Tours revived its social media presence, became a reliable portal about tourism in Barcelona, attracted new customers both from social media and organic search and saw an increased interest from local vendors for new collaborations.

Being productive and professional are her best strengths. is a small event company with a lot of different tasks to manage. Anastasia collaborated with us on business development and on digital marketing for over 2 years and she did very well in both, always being open to taking new tasks and helping us reach the sales targets. She also created a brilliant brand image for the company on social media. I would recommend Anastasia to any company that is looking for a professional and serious consultant.

Mauro Sanna, Founder and CEO at Barcelona Tours

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